These courses come with an accompanying manual and can be run by yourself or by Project Evangelism either in Murlough House or wherever suits you best. To get in touch about organising one simply go back to the homepage and send us a message at the bottom of the page.

Discipleship Training 

This course is created to help you with your walk with God and to know Him in depth. I deals with important topics of assurance of salvation, word of God, prayer, fellowship, witnessing and obedience.

The manual can be viewed and downloaded for free from the ‘Resources’ page and videos of the teaching for each chapter can be viewed on Youtube

Evangelism Training 

A very inspiring course, which looks at the perfect example of Jesus and His methods of personal evangelism. with wisdom and experience it teaches how to reach the agnostics, religious and indifferent. Some topics which will be looked at closely are: evidence for the resurrection, science, history and inspiration, and each one reach one – each one teach one.

Finding Your Identity in Christ 

This course has been created to help you become more Christ like by teaching specific topics such as: transformed temperament, finding God’s will for your life, and providing a number of leadership programmes using C. Maxwell videos.

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